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>I would like to request Lars Martin, to post the whole passage so that
>the digest members can get the complete picture and decide for themselves.

Here is Rajaram's own words, from "The Vedic Aryans and the Origins of
Civilization", p. 123:

.... In the years following the discovery of the Hittite-Mittani treaty with
its Sanskrit names, the linguistic situation has grown only murkier and
bedeviled by more contradictions. For instance, among the Hittite records in
Anatolia has been found a manual on horse training [i.e. the manual of
Kikkuli, LMF] written in what is virtually pure Sanskrit. Now there are more
than a hundred such records testifying to the use of Sanskrit and Indian
names. And all this dating to a period well before the hypothetical division
of the Indians and the Iranians, at a time when the Sanskrit language
supposedly did not even exist. ..."

Comment: Kikkuli's manual goes back to the middle of the second millennium
BCE. The Indo-Aryans and Iranians are assumed to have split up about 2000
BCE, if I remember correctly.

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