Jon Skarpeid jon.skarpeid at HINT.NO
Thu Feb 19 09:24:50 UTC 1998

Thank you Jonathan!

But may I ask, which of Sasaki Shizukas books you are speaking about?


At 12:03 18.02.98 -0500, you wrote:
>Please check first of all in the Pali Vinaya in English -- I do not have a
>copy at hand, but there is a rule against seeing various performances,
>dance, music etc. However, there is an exception to this (although perhaps
>not in the Pali -- I don't remember) for performances at stupas. this has
>been discussed in detail by Sasaki Shizuka (alas, in Japanese). Anyway, the
>Vinaya stuff is the place to start, and perhaps that will answer your
>question, since of course it is the Pali vinaya which is appealed to in
>Jonathan Silk
>SILK at wmich.edu

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