"Lord of animals" - Bibliography

Axel Michaels axel.michaels at URZ.UNI-HEIDELBERG.DE
Wed Feb 18 19:01:33 UTC 1998

Informative is:

Erich Hofsteter, Der Herr der Tiere im Alten Indien. Wiesbaden:
Harrassowitz, 1980

More specific on the Pashupati temple in Nepal with further
bibliographic details is:

Axel Michaels,  Die Reisen der Götter. Der nepalische
Pashupatiaatha-Tempel uns sein rituelles Umfeld. Bonn: VGH
Wissenschaftsverlag, 1994.

Best wishes, A.M.
Sreenivas Paruchuri wrote:
> Greetings!
> An acquaintance of mine, Professor in Catholic Theology, is looking for
> references/information about; "Lord of animals" (hope I got the right word
> in english! in German: Herr der Tiere) in various religions and asked me,
> if I could tell something about it from Indian context. I only know that
> "Siva" is known as the Lord of Animals in Hindu mythology, and as a native
> Telugu, know the story associated with the SreekALahasti (temple).
> Could the list members please point any books/articles on: Siva as the
> Lord of Animals. Please send a copy of your reply to the addresses given
> below too!
> Thanks in advance!
> Regards,                --Sreenivas
> P.S. The book: _For the Lord of the Animals_ by Heifetz and NarayanaRao
>          Velcheru is only a translation of a Telugu "Sataka".
> --
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>         sparuchuri at hotmail.com

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