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<< An acquaintance of mine, Professor in Catholic Theology, is looking for
 references/information about; "Lord of animals" (hope I got the right word
 in english! in German: Herr der Tiere) in various religions and asked me,
 if I could tell something about it from Indian context. I only know that
 "Siva" is known as the Lord of Animals in Hindu mythology, and as a native
 Telugu, know the story associated with the SreekALahasti (temple).
I think you have to consider the story of prajApati-rudra conflict  wherein
rudra is made pazupati. I remember reading an article (or was it a book?) by
Wendy O'Flaherty discussing this in detail. I am sure other Sanskritists can
give the necessary details. Some discussion of it is found in "The Presence of
Ziva" by Stella Kramrisch in p.336.

S. Palaniappan

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