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>>Even after revisionist attempts, majority of academics are confidant
>>and write that Aryans migrated into India and not the other way around.
>>That is., Aryans did not spread out from India.
>If my memory is right, Planck said somewhere that it is only DEATH that can
>separate scientistd from their pet theories.
>-Narahari Achar

One should perhaps add that the WILL or NEED to believe - for various
reasons - will sometimes make people adopt the most bizarr ideas and hang on
to them in spite of all evidence to the contrary. There is of course much
truth in Planck's statement - just ask young scholars fighting for new ideas
- but the argument works both ways. Nice dreams are better than harsh
truths. The reason that Western scholars - ALL acknowledged experts in the
field, not just a few old geezers hanging on to ideas their younger
colleagues don't believe in anymore - are unimpressed by the revisionist
views on the "Aryan invasion", is that the arguments brought forward are
poor. The revisionists will simply have to do better - MUCH BETTER - if they
want to convince us. And they might start by quoting us correctly and
showing that they are properly informed about what we think and why we think
it. "Debunking" linguistics, as some do, is certainly not the way to do it.
If the linguistic argument is thought to be wrong, then the revisionist must
show that it is, not simply chant the mantra "linguistics is a fraud", or
something to that effect.

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