Tamil words in English

Wed Feb 18 13:58:59 UTC 1998

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>Subj:  RE: Tamil words in English
>Mr. Subrahmanya wrote:
>> As the Aryan Invasion/Migration theory chokes,sputters and dies, so will its
>> other face, the artificial Aryan(or the PC indo-european)/Dravidian language
>> divide die under the weight of its own contradictions and distortions.

Ganesan wrote:
>Even after revisionist attempts, majority of academics are confidant
>and write that Aryans migrated into India and not the other way around.
>That is., Aryans did not spread out from India.
If my memory is right, Planck said somewhere that it is only DEATH that can
separate scientistd from their pet theories.
-Narahari Achar

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