Sources for Hindu divination

Royce Wiles Royce.Wiles at ANU.EDU.AU
Wed Feb 18 03:48:56 UTC 1998

>>>Does anybody out there know of any scholarly work/s on Hindu techniques of
>divination, apart from David Pingree's on ancient astrology? I am trying to
>discern to what extent this particular aspect of Hinduism has been explored,
>and so far I've come up with very little. Haven't scholars of religion taken
>any interest in this topic?>>

At the risk of providing information you haven't asked for I'd mention a
rather large volume on Jain divination:

        Angavijja / edited by Muni Punyavijaya.
        Varanasi : Prakrta grantha Parisad, 1957.
        (Prakrit Text Society series ; no.1).

It might be interesting to see if "Hindu" divination and "Jain" divination
have anything in common.

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