Sources for Hindu divination

Georg von Simson g.v.simson at EAST.UIO.NO
Tue Feb 17 12:56:16 UTC 1998

Martin Gansten asks:
>The following is a question I recently posted on RISA-L. The great silence
>that followed is perhaps an answer in itself, but I still thought I'd give
>it a try on Indology-L, too:
>>>Does anybody out there know of any scholarly work/s on Hindu techniques of
>divination, apart from David Pingree's on ancient astrology? I am trying to
>discern to what extent this particular aspect of Hinduism has been explored,
>and so far I've come up with very little. Haven't scholars of religion taken
>any interest in this topic?>>

You find some references in Jan Gonda: Die Religionen Indiens, II, Der
jüngere Hinduismus, Stuttgart 1963 (I think there came a second edition in
the meantime), p. 257. He mentions among others: E. Thurston, Omens and
superstitions of Southern India, London-Leipzig, 1912; J.v.Negelein, Der
Traumschluessel des Jagaddeva, Giessen, 1912. You also find some
observations in J.J.Meyer, Trilogie altindischer Mächte und Feste der
Vegetation, Zürich, 1937 (see Vol.3, p. 309, headword 'Mantik').
   I am sure there has been written a lot about these things, and you
should not take 'the great silence' of RISA-L as an answer!

Best regards

Georg v. Simson

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