Tamil words in English

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Tue Feb 17 18:29:04 UTC 1998

>At 08:34 AM 2/17/98 -0600, you wrote:
>>kuyil could have arisen independently in Dravidian.....
>>In connection with the meaning to call, etc.,
>>Dr. Bh. Krishnamurti in a posting on 1/17/98 said that
>>the root "*ku:(y) occurs in all subgroups of Dravidian
>>(DEDR 1868; Skt. ku:jita- is said to have been derived from Dravidian)."
>>kuyil could be related to this root.
>>We must consider another possibility.
>>In Collected Papers on Dravidian Linguistics, T. Burrow
>>says in p. 198 that Sanskrit kokila which is attested
>>from mahAbhArata onward is from Dravidian.
>Even if we assume that kokila in sanskrit is of dravidian origin,
>the word koel in english is more likely  to be derived from telugu
>kOyila or hindi koyel rather than kuyil of tamil from the affinity

It is amazing how, what starts of as guesswork, changes into attestations
and then turns into undisputed fact a couple of iterations later with a
little bit of
tinkering here and there and hardly any kind of proof or verification.

As the Aryan Invasion/Migration theory chokes,sputters and dies, so will its
other face,the
artificial Aryan(or the PC indo-european)/Dravidian language divide die
under the weight of its own contradictions and distortions.

Houston, TX

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