Sat Feb 14 11:41:55 UTC 1998

>                      TO WHOM IT SO EVER MAY CONCERN
>Dear Professor,
>I am very happy to find out you ALL in this world. Its happened suddenly: I
>was searching on Web information about Sanskrit Studies (this my cordial
>interest) and got Indology page. CAN ANYBODY GUIDE ME?
>I would like to explain who I am. My name is
>Viktor V. Sukliyan (26 years old). I was born in the City of Odessa,
>Ukraine (former Soviet Union). From my childhood I was very much
>interested both in Science (Astronomy, Mathematics, Physics) and in
>Ancient Wisdom (Philosophy, Religion, Ancient Literature and History).
>To combine the diametrical interests was not easy. I joined Physics
>Department of Odessa University with specialisation in Astrophysics and
>Mathematical Physics.
>Simultaneously I attended evening classes of University in Latin
>Language, Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy, History and Literature as
>well as in Hebrew and Bible Studies. At that time I had not heard
>anything about Indian Civilisation and its achievements in Sciences and
>Technology. First I was attracted by Philosophy and Yoga System of
>Aurobindo Ghosh. Then I started reading Gita, Upanishads etc. It was not
>clear and I decided to learn Sanskrit. Unfortunately in my country there
>is not a single course in Sanskrit nowhere. Same situation was in nearby
>Russia. So I decided to leave for India with purpose to study Sanskrit
>there. I left my Physics course (completed only two years(4 terms) out of
>Five-Year Integrated Baccalaureate Masters Degree Course) to fulfil my
>burning desire to Penetrate in Wisdom of Ancient Indian Scientists and
>Rishis. Oh, What a great misfortune, I cannot find out in India any
>Sanskrit course in English medium for foreigners like myself. And also
>nobody is interested in it. I am here for the last
>1.5 years and trying to do on my own, but it is very slow process. I need
>some guidance and friendly help.

Dear Viktor:

I heard about a center (through a friend of mine) which is attempting
to increase both the written and oral study of Sanskrit in India. The
address is as follows.

73/2 Ranga Rao Road
Bangalore 560004

Phone: 0812-623-189

The person in charge used to be Krishna Sastry.

Hope this helps,

Lynken Ghose
McGill University

P.S. There are also centers for the study of Sanskrit at Thol (?sp)
College in Calcutta, although I am not sure if the pandits there
speak English, and in many other places in India, such as Poona, as
was previously  mentioned, and Sarnath (near Varanasi).

>Now I appeal to You. Sir, please instruct me, what
>should I do to quench my thirst for knowledge and wisdom.
>Sincerely Yours,
>Viktor V. Sukliyan
>P.S. I live now in Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math, Sector 20-B, Chandigarh,
>Punjab, India where I help this organisation with Computing.

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