Marianna Kropf marianne.kropf at THEOL.UNIBE.CH
Fri Feb 13 14:34:43 UTC 1998

Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math schrieb:
>                       TO WHOM IT SO EVER MAY CONCERN

Dear Victor

I am not a professor but still:
I would suggest you to try with the Department for Sanskrit Studies in
Poona. The Head of Departement is Prof. Saroja Bhate. I followed two
months of Sanskrit courses there. Most of them are teached in English
medium, sometimes mingled with Marathi. The level - at least for me -
was quite high, but I could arrange some additional private courses with
advanced students which helped me a lot. I was not regularly inscribed
but paid for my special lessons in accordance with local coustums.
Unfortunately I don't have the complete adress here but you can find out
from your place I suppose.

Good luck!

marianna kropf

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