Postscript Devanagari Font

Andreas Bigger abigger at INDOGER.UNIZH.CH
Fri Feb 13 14:07:47 UTC 1998

Dear Indologists,
I was absent from this list for some time, so please excuse if I ask a
question recently asked: I am looking for a Postscript Devanagari
Font. Does anyone know of a good font? I would prefer a shareware-font,
but I am also able to buy one, if no good shareware-font is available.
Only it must be a postscript font and executable under different
programms. I know of Wikners TEX-Devanagari-Font, but I believe it is only
useful for TEX and not for other programms - or am I wrong in this?
I am looking forward to your help!
Andreas Bigger, Zurich

Andreas Bigger                          abigger at

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