Q. Lokayata texts

Dmitry Olenev tattvarthi at YAHOO.COM
Fri Feb 13 15:52:10 UTC 1998

   As for original texts, I know just one sanskrit text of sceptical
wing of lokayata which was published in Choukhamba Sanskrit Series in
1940-s - "Tattvopaplavasi.mha".
   A detailed information about this text from the book  "Perception,
Knowledge and Disbelief" by Eli Franco. It was published, if I'm not
mistaken, by "Motilal Banarsidass" (Delhi) in 1990.

   Could You give me more detailed information about the manuscript?
Was it published? Does there exist  traslation of this text into any
european language?

   All the best!

   Olenev Dmitry

---"N. Ganesan" <GANESANS at CL.UH.EDU> wrote:
> 2/13/98
> Want to know the titles of texts on Lokayata philosophy in Sanskrit
> and other Indian languages. I read that Madhava Vidyaranya's
> Sarva Darshana Samgraha has few quotations. Where can I find
> Brhaspati's sutras taught to Indra? Is there a complete text
> in Sanskrit on Lokayatam?
> The reason I am asking this is because, in Tamil there is late
> 11th century/early 12th century vaLamaTal prabandham
> by Kaviccakravartti JayamkoNTaar. It is only 550 lines
> and expresses Lokayata philosophy. Of course,  Buddhist
> Manimekalai, Jain Neelakesi and Saiva Siddhanta SivaJaana
> Siddhiyaar refutes Lokayata princilpes. A palm leaf mss.
> of the Lokayata prabandham is at GOML, Madras. The other
> is at Perur Adheenam near Coimbatore.
> Thanks,
> N. Ganesan

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