brahmi? (was Re: Origin of Dravidian languages)

Peter Wyzlic pwyzlic at PWYZ.RHEIN.DE
Tue Feb 10 00:00:25 UTC 1998

On Mon, 9 Feb 1998, Jacob Baltuch wrote:

> And something completely different:
> I was surprised (given the metaphore) to read in some translation of
> azoka's edicts he styled himself deevaanaaMpriya.  What's the
> earliest attested metaphorical use?

Perhaps Katyayana (the grammarian) in a varttika to
        .sa.s.thyaa aakro"se (6.3.20 in Pathak/Chitrao's Sutrapatha)
Katyayana adds: devaanaampriya iti ca. (This seems to give an
abusive sense.)

But this is not the earliest reference available. I have seen it
in the Maitrayanisamhita (although written as two distinct words
in von Schroeder's edition).

Peter Wyzlic

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