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Tue Feb 10 01:48:54 UTC 1998

247 Tamil Letters with only 26 keys of the QWERTY Keyboard.

Character Phonetic Dependencies Yarzhan Thamizh Editor.

        Technical Solutions has developed a proprietary technology which it intends
to license to software publishers and electronic typewriter manufacturers.
"Character Phonetic Dependencies" allow typing in both English and certain
foreign languages with a simple keyboard translation technique using a
standard QWERTY keyboard. Desktop publishing software is being developed for a
variety of languages.
        A Windows-based editor is currently available for the Tamil language (an
Indian dialect). An invention born from neccessity. R. Shanmugalingam ("Shan")
originated the concept in 1993. "I could not find Tamil software that was easy
to use. All of the Tamil fonts that I found removed most of the punctuation
needed to write even a simple letter. In order to represent a single
character, some of the fonts required four keystrokes." No need to use
confusing key combinations.
        Current methods of keyboard translation provide a direct "one-to-one"
translation of a keystroke to a character. Since the standard QWERTY keyboard
provides only enough keys for the English language, additional "function keys"
are usually used to allow a multiplicity of foreign characters on one English
character key. Due to the richness of some languages, this may produce as many
as four characters represented on one key. This requires the user to search
frantically for the correct key combination, delaying the task at hand (i.e.,
writing a document). These methods do not consider the rules of grammar
associated with the languages.
        In all languages, letters and letter combinations produce phonetic sounds
(phonemes). Some languages use two or more letter combinations to produce a
unique single letter. By using the phonetic dependencies, the unique character
may be produced automatically. The technology may be embedded into PC software
and electronic typewriter keyboards. Software publishers would use the
technology as a keyboard device driver. Electronic typewriter manufacturers
would implement the technology as microcode contained in integrated circuits
(ICs) in electronic keyboards. Shan recently traveled to India to demonstrate
the software to dignitaries and professional associations. The Yarzhan Thamizh
Editor product received great accolades.

        Visit Yarzhan Thamizh Editor Home Page at URL: <>.
        Download CPDYTE for FREE. Enjoy  simple Tamil document writing without the
drudgery of multi key use for one single Tamil letter.
Thanks. R. Shanmugalingam

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