Tamil words in English

Mon Feb 9 15:45:04 UTC 1998

>>Are rice and tamil 'arici' related?

>I am sure it is a Tamil loanword appearing not only in English but also in
>other European languages (e.g. Czech ryze via Greek oryza).

Greetings, Prof. Filipsky. This is not widely known.

Thanks for the suggestion for OED on CD-ROM. I will search
for the keywords: tamil, dravidian, telugu, malayalam, kannada
and tulu. Please feel free to add any words from Tamil. I don't
think the OED compilers had or have any scholars who know well Tamil or

Here is what Prof. K. Nachimuthu from Warsaw adds. May be useful for your
project. His e-mail: tamizh at plearn.edu.pl

**           Regarding Dravidian borrowals into English there is details in
**Prof. T. P. Meenakshisundaram's History of Tamil Language.There are articles
**in Indian Linguistics written by scholars like Dr.S.V.Subramanian.There
**is also a book reprinted by DLA may be Indo Aryan loan words in Malayalam.
**If you are interestedin curiosities you canalso refer the Hobson Jobson...
**with greetings. Have a good Thai Pusam. anbudan, K. Nachimuthu.

N. Ganesan

To be on the safe side, I would add that arici is not only tamil
but Telugu, ProtoDravidian as well. :-)

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