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Dmitry Olenev wrote:
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> >   does anybody of you know madhyamika and vijnanavada texts in which
> >I could find the explanation of
> >asatkhyati and atmakhyati theories of false cognition?
> >I'll be very grateful for any helpful information.
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I would recommend consulting Lambert Schmithausen's publication
"Man.d.anami'sra's Vibhramavivekah. Mit einer Studie zur Entwicklung der
indischen Irrtumslehre" (Vienna 1965). It's the most extensive and
thorough treatment of theories of cognitive error I am aware of, and
goes far beyond the necessary minimum in explaining the ontological and
epistemological background of the theories involved.

On p.148-151, Schmithausen briefly outlines Mahaayaana Buddhist
theories. His textual sources are  Catuh.'sataka XIII 25 (also
Catuh.'satakavr.tti, p.197, both ed. Bhattacharya, Calcutta 1931);
'Siks.asamuccaya 140.17 (ed. Vaidya 1961). He also refers to
Frauwallner's "Philosophie des Buddhismus", p.249f. for Candrakiirti. I
don't have the book here, but suppose that Frauwallner gives the
relevant textual references.

Man.d.anami'sra's treatment of the aatma-/asatkhyaati is given on
p.233-236, where, in addition to a Yogaacaara-aatmakhyaati, Schmithausen
also refers to a "more complicated" Sautraantika-aatmakhyaati which can
be found in Dignaaga's Pramaan.asamuccaya and in Dharmakiirti's texts.

Birgit Kellner
Department for Indian Philosophy
Hiroshima University

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