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Fri Feb 6 22:59:08 UTC 1998

Dear Mr. Olenev,
It seems that the terms *asatkhyaati* and *aatmakhyaati* are
used by non-Buddhists, criticizing and labelling as such the
Buddhist positions of the M. and V. traditions.

NYAAYAMA~NJARII of Jayanta Bha.t.ta, Vol. 2, Varanasi, Chowkhamba, 1969,
(mine is bound together with vol.1, 1971) pp.110-114. If you have
a different edition, it is two short sections toward the end of the
**, just before **. Jayanta also
discuses these views on Prabhaakara's behalf.

If you do not get the answers on this net, somebody on Buddha-L at ULKYVM
(I am not absolutely sure of the net address, you may have it already)
might help.

Good luck.

Edeltraud Harzer Clear
Asian Studies
UT Austin, Texas

Dear colleagues,
>   does anybody of you know madhyamika and vijnanavada texts in which
>I could find the explanation of
>asatkhyati and atmakhyati theories of false cognition?
>I'll be very grateful for any helpful information.
>   Sincerely Yours,  Olenev Dmitry.
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