Indus/Sarasvati Doab (& SYMPOSUIM announcement)

Michael Rabe mrabe at ARTIC.EDU
Thu Feb 5 11:17:41 UTC 1998

Thank you, Dr. Kalyanaraman!

Very timely information, in that the Asia Society, New York, is about to
host an exhibition,  entitled: _Great Cities, Small Treasures: The Ancient
World of the Indus Valley,_ Feb. 11 - May 3, 1998. [Exhibited material,
courtesy the Govt of Pakistan/Golden Jubilee Celebration Cell, et al.]

An accompanying symposium, organized by Rita Wright, Dept of Anthroloplogy,
NYU, and at the Asia Society, is scheduled for Friday March 6, (2 - 6 p.m);
and all day Saturday, the 7th.   The number to call for reservations
(otherwise free) is 212-517-ASIA;  presumably the entire program is posted
on the ASIA society Web site:

>This refers to Michael Rabe's inquiry...
>A beautiful map of the sites of the civilization (Mature Harappan
>and--in the NW-late Kot Dijian cultures)is presented in Asko Parpola,
>"Deciphering th Indus Script", Cambridge UP, 1994, p. 7. [This work is
>also a veritable encyclopaedia on the script problem.]
>I have attempted to superimpose the ancient courses of the
>Sarasvati River on these sites, which run about 200 kms. south of and
>parallel to the present-day course of the Sindhu river.
>I assume that the India Today Article did not identify
>all the 1200 sites on the banks of the Sarasvati.[see list in the URL
>given below.] Rakhigarhi and Ganweriwala are sites as large in extent as
>Mohenjodaro. Inscriptions were found in many sites in Gujarat, Kutch,
>Sindh, Bahawalpur province,Sreeganganagar district, Haryana and Punjab.
>Thanks to the superb and dedicated work of Parpola and Mahadevan,
>almost all the inscriptions have been documented in corpuses. In
>particular, the photographic corpuses of collections in Pakistan and India
>released so far in two volumes are source material on the 'epigraphy' of
>the civilization.
>(published with assistance from UNESCO, in 1991 and 1987 respectively
>from Helsinki, Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia.
>Best regards, S. Kalyanaraman, 19 Temple Avenue, Srinagar Colony Saidapet,
>Chennai 600015, India; Tel. +91 44 2354640; Fax. 4996380;
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