"Curry" and its origins?

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<< -- Did the term "miLagu" for pepper exist in the Sangam period? What is
 known about the shift in usage from "curry" to "milagu", for black pepper?

 -- why (how come) did the meaning of "curry" diversify so much during the
 Medieval period? What dates do you place on the Medieval period?

 --when did "kuzhambu" replace "curry"? >>

miLaku occurs in Classical Tamil. "kaRi" in CT also refers to biting as well
as the pepper plant/pepper. The word "miriyal" is also used in CT for pepper.
kuzampu must have been of very ancient usage. According to Burrow and
Southworth, Vedic karambha is said to be derived from kuzampu.

S. Palaniappan

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