"Curry" and its origins?

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The original word is Proto-South Dravidian *kaRi 'seasoned vegetables or
meat'. Tamil, MalayaaLam kaRi, KannaDa kaRi, KoDagu kari, TuLu kajipu (Drav
Etymological Dictionary (Revised), entry:1391. KannaDa kaDi is not a cognate
of these. This item was borrowed into many European languages probably
through Portuguese and English. Its etymology can be found in the Great
OXford English Dictionary.

At 11:44 04/02/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Knowledge about curry came in Europe right from the beginning of 16th
>century through the Portuguese, most probably from Goa region. The name in
>Kanna.da is ka.di. There is a kind of cookery book in medieval Kanna.da,
>entitled Suupa 'saastra, composed by Mangaarasa in the 15th century. It
>describes ka.di as a preparation consisting of balls of uLu.n.du (Phaseolus
>radiatus) and rice well ground, mixed in equal quantity with salt, pepper,
>cumin, curry-leaves and coriander; the ball is fried in oil; and when
>cold,it is dripped in butter-milk.
>Vasundhara Filliozat
>Pierre-Sylvain Filliozat
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