"Curry" and its origins?

Pierre-Sylvain Filliozat pfilliozat at MAGIC.FR
Wed Feb 4 10:44:03 UTC 1998

Knowledge about curry came in Europe right from the beginning of 16th
century through the Portuguese, most probably from Goa region. The name in
Kanna.da is ka.di. There is a kind of cookery book in medieval Kanna.da,
entitled Suupa 'saastra, composed by Mangaarasa in the 15th century. It
describes ka.di as a preparation consisting of balls of uLu.n.du (Phaseolus
radiatus) and rice well ground, mixed in equal quantity with salt, pepper,
cumin, curry-leaves and coriander; the ball is fried in oil; and when
cold,it is dripped in butter-milk.
Vasundhara Filliozat

Pierre-Sylvain Filliozat

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