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Wed Feb 4 02:31:15 UTC 1998

--->>Sorry that my earlier reply was but a reference. I must confess that I
>>assumed then that there would be detailed information about paramparA,
>>since other articles that I have read are fairly specific in this regard.
>>was, however, mistaken. The article mentions that gopAla zAstrI was born
>>1892 in jagannAthapura, sivAna maNDala, Bihar, and that he first studied
>>Sanskrit at the "maNDala kI pAThazAlA". He then proceeded to Varanasi,
>>where he studied vyAkaraNa and darzana with noteworthy pandits of that
>>time, and passed the examination for vyAkaraNa zAstrAcArya at BHU in 1915.
>>Elliot M. Stern
>When I studied pANini's grammar with him, during the 70's, he was indeed
>in his 80 and although very active with his various - unfortunately badly
>writings around the ashTadhyAI he seemed to be very disappointed the ways
>Indian educational system were going. He was quite skeptical...  His son
>lawyer with total disregard towards traditional culture and would  often,
>passing  by us when we were working, ostensively show a cynical smile.
>But gopAla zAstrI was also involved with Kashmirian zaivism and eventually
>introduce me to his Guru, who used to come to Varanasi a couple times
>This was AcArya rAmezvâra Jha, who was at my guess 20 to 30 years younger.
>Perhaps the lack of material about his paramparA is a proof of his apparent
>fears at that time. As far as I remember there were quite a few studying at
>feet at that time.
>Jesualdo Correia

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