Nikhil Rao nrao at CAIP.RUTGERS.EDU
Mon Feb 2 21:06:48 UTC 1998


What are the different grhya sutras followed ?.From what I have know
they are

Sutra          Veda

Ashvalayana - Rgveda
Apastambha  - Krishna Yajur
Parashara - ??
Gobhila - Sama Veda (?)
Katyayana - ??
Sankhyayana - Rgveda (?)
Latyayana - Samaveda (?)
Jaiminiya - Samaveda
Hiranyakeshaya - Krishna Yajur (?)
Baudhayana - Krishna Yajur (?)
Gautama. - ??
Manava - ??
Kauthuma - Sama veda.

What are the sutras in practice today and what is the relation of the
sutras to the vedas,gotras. Also not having gone through the sutras, what
exactly is their content ?. Also, what information is available about the
authors ?.

Please accept my apologies if this list is not appropriate for my

Thanks in advance.


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