"Your eyes are divine"

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Sat Dec 26 16:55:19 UTC 1998

On 26 Dec 98,  Anand Nayak wrote:

> There are 4 types of knowledge:
> 1/ Mathematical: 2+2=4
> 2/ Juridical: "Keep to the left" or "smoking is prohited"
> 3/ Metaphysical:"where there is smoke, there is fire"
> 4/ Metaphorical: "Your eyes are divine"
<much of interesting and humorous section skipped>
Your classification appears too contrived. Actually #1 and #3 are essentially
the same as they pertain to the process of logic (deductive or inductive).

#3 is not based on  any knowledge but  power of the person making the
4 is also arbitrary and in the systematic study of knowledge it falls under
the process of "analogy" which is considered the weakest form logic.

> Now to try to prove or disprove God mathematically is as ridiculous as
> trying to  understand mathematical laws metaphorically.
I dont think anybody has claimed that. As a matter of fact a mathematician,
Godel, has proved that there are certain propositions which are beyond
proof by mathematics or logic.

> People have often
> tried to apply juridical knowledge to God's knowledge; and their dogmas
> have killed the living metapher.

I think you are talking about the imposition of belief by the state but it falls
beyond any logic.

> Only spirituality (which means awakening
> from sleep- another metapher! ) can recognise (pratyaabhijnaa) God like
> the baby recognises her mother and smiles. That is not over-riding. It is
> scientific humility.

I do not see it as scientific humility but a case of split personalty of some
scientists who can compartmentalize their rationality. It seems many
capable scientists carry out excellent logical analysis to their chosen
discipline but fail to use it in their everyday life. In the language of  your
metaphor of sleep, some of us either never sleep or are never awakened
since they fail to experience any evidence or need of spirituality.

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