"Your eyes are divine"

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>Partha Banarjee said:
>>Mathematical reasoning can't "prove" the existence of God. Only
>>spirituality and beliefs can.
>Do you know what mathematics is????
>In fact, mathematics is every bit as much human as "spirituality"
>and it would seem to me much more so.
>Mathematics can only "prove" human models of nature and are rarely very

>I don't understand why you think your beliefs should over ride every one
>Claude Setzer

There are 4 types of knowledge:
1/ Mathematical: 2+2=4
2/ Juridical: "Keep to the left" or "smoking is prohited"
3/ Metaphysical:"where there is smoke, there is fire"
4/ Metaphorical: "Your eyes are divine"
Now each of this knowledge has its strength  and its weakness. Mathematical
knowledge is understandable. In  given circumstances the human mind can
have difficulties to understand, but with a growth of knowledge the hurdles
gradually diappear. The juridical language makes room for interpretation.
Here in Switzerland there is a middle line marked on all roads; in France,
the left and the right is often with reference to the on coming traffic. As
we go down southwards in Europe, the middle lines diappear. And in my
country, India, the left and right is left to the good wish and grace of
the drivers. The metaphysical laws know no exception. But they need to be
proved and a perfect proof is often difficult to be obtained. But the 4/
metaphorical knowledge is a special one. There the hearer is as important
as the speaker for knowledge to take place. When I say "your eyes are
divine" I mean something. But my hearer will understand it in his or her
own way. And the on-hearers will, every one of them- will understand my
phrase in his/her own way. That is the power of the metapher. You got to be
in a bodily and inner receptivity to catch a metapher. The seed will bear
abundant fruit if it falls in the rich soil.

Now to try to prove or disprove God mathematically is as ridiculous as
trying to  understand mathematical laws metaphorically. People have often
tried to apply juridical knowledge to God's knowledge; and their dogmas
have killed the living metapher. Only spirituality (which means awakening
from sleep- another metapher! ) can recognise (pratyaabhijnaa) God like the
baby recognises her mother and smiles. That is not over-riding. It is
scientific humility.
Anand Nayak

Sarvesham svastirbhavatu        May all be prosperous
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