The Aryans (again); 19th century discourse.

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It is quite natural that you should expect to hear from scholars of
Indology Dr. Ganesan. Anyone who does not agree with you is not a scholar
is it ? You had mentioned that Dr. Subhash Kak used to write here on
Indology a few years back but left when members objected to his
"unscientific" theories. In fact, I find nothing in Indology archives (I
apologize in advance if I have missed) that indicates any acrimony arising
out of Shri Kak's postings, expect for one individual who did not want Shri
Kak to indulge in, what he called it, self-publicity. Which of his writings
on Indology are you referring to ? Or every one who opposes AIT and is a
North Indian, wrong and anyone, with even a single book from Oxford
University Press to his/her credit an automatic Vidwaan (scholar) on
Indology. What is wrong with the view that the Europeans want us to believe
in AIT because it gives credence to the idea that India has always been
invaded and settled ? This may be unscientific to you but I am not
performing surgery on this statement. I am taking it as, is in light of
what we know of our history. Scholars like you, and Mr. B.K. Smith have
their own agendas and expect others to always reply and provide proof.
Where is the damn proof for AIT ? In Sankara Maths ? In Tamil literature ?
Where ? I am might be puny brained non-entity in your view but you are one
BIASED individual Sri Ganesan. And you have only a one-point agenda when it
comes to discussing AIT. Every Brahmin is suspect in your eyes and every
European scholar (not David Frawley and likes, of course) is correct in
interpreting our history because they can give a "non-biased outside view".

I asked you if you had seen a school textbook which said that Orissa and
Bihar were once a part of North Pole. You can probably take your thoughtful
scholary discussion offline because I don't find anything scholarly about
it. Just a one-point agenda.


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Why don't you get a copy of one such textbook and then quote from there
wherein it is said that Bihar and Orissa were once part of North Pole.
book, We, or our Nationhood Defined, is not in print anymore. If you
one such copy, please let me know. I'd like to take a look at it.

Guruji ki Jai


  If the word, "you" in Asish's post refers to me: Please do
   not order me into submission.

  The quotes are in the book edited by P. Robb, 1997, OUP
  which I am sure will be correct even if one gets the copy
  and checks it.

   My quote from the Oxford univ. book is intended for
   thoughtful academic discussions and I would like to
   hear from learned members of INDOLOGY list.

   N. Ganesan

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