Vedic Anatolia, 7500 B.C.

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       Vedic in Anatolia, 7500 BC?
S. Kak, On the classification of Indic languages,
Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, 75, p. 185-195,

Just before the Section 6. Conclusions:
"This scenario also explains the striking resemblance between Vedic
form and a head unearthed at Nevali Cori in Anatolia by H. Hauptmann.
The site of Nevali Cori dates to about 7500 B.C. The striking thing
about the head is that it is clean shaven except for a long tuft at
the top that looks strikingly similar in style to the zikhA that a
student wore in the Vedic times. B. G. Siddharth [22] has taken this
similarity to mean that this Anatolian civilization was Vedic. Our
model, that considers the Indo-Europeans to be already spread from
Anatolia to Northwest India at the time of Nevali Cori, is consistent
with such identification."

Siddharth and Kak identify Anatolia of 7500 B.C. as Vedic
 civilization. Any comments?

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