Kashmiri Poet Lalla & her poems

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Here is some info on Lalla,the mysric poet of Kashmir:

Prof. Louis Renou writes in his edited book "Hinduism"
(George BrazillerInc, 215 Park Ave South, New York,
Sccond Printing Dec 1961), page 206:
"Lalla, the prophetess of Kashmir who lived in the
14th Century, taught a method of Yoga which is
connected with Kashmirian Shaivism and has 'advaita'
Vedanta as a basis. Her novel contribution to the religious
tonality of India lies in not so much she knew and
assimilated the Sufi doctrines as that, with the
elaborate and often very esoteric symbols which
she adopted, she preserved or discovered a most
pure and profound mystical sentiment"

In the same book (pages 206 - 209), he gives
17 (seventeen) poems selected from Lalla's works.
These English translations are from the book
:"The  Word of Lalla, the Prophetess" by R.C. Temple
(Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Mass.,
1924, pages 167-173)

Stockton, California
Don Traxer wrote:
Date:    Mon, 28 Dec 1998 21:20:49 -0500
From:    Don Traxler <sandon at CITCOM.NET>
Subject: Lalla

Is anyone working on the sayings of Lalla (Lal Ded, Lalleshwari), the
fourteenth century mystic and poet of Kashmir? I am aware that a similar
question was asked by another subscriber to this list a couple of years ago,
but would like an update.
Also, is anyone working on old Kashmiri?

Thanks in advance.

Donald Traxler

yav=E0 t=E0:r tsali tim ambar hyaty,
bvachi yav=E0 tsali tim a:ha:r ann  |
tsyat=E0 svapar svavyatsa:ras pyat=E0,
tsyata: dihas va:n kya: van  ||


Wear only enough clothes to keep away the cold,
Eat only enough food to banish hunger.
Contemplate your own self in meditation,
O mind, give this advice to the body.

                --Lalla (Lal Ded), 14th Century Poet and Mystic of Kashmir


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