Early Giithaa sculptures

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With all due respect, the remark "Bodhayana was familiar with the Bhagwat
Gita" is not in dispute. Just how familiar he was and what was the form of
BG in his time i.e. has it been worked upon and improved since Bodhayana or
that it exists today as it existed when Bodhayana made quotes from it. It
is already a foregone conclusion that if he was familiar with it, and if
his date of existence 400 B.C. is not in question, the BG is already dated
in the pre-Buddhistic era.

Any comments ?


Bijoy Misra wrote :
Should it not be fair that you post the site that you cite from?
There are too many of these cursory observations.

thank you.

Happy New Year..

Bijoy Misra

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