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> I think Hindu bhakti, which as a mass movement gets going
>  from KaraikkAl Amma (5th cent.), Tevaram saints, Srivaishnava Alvars,
>  draws its inspiration from earlier Mahayana traditions of
>  Bodhisattva bhakti (cf. Avalokitezvara, ch. XXIV, Lotus sutra etc.,
>  GaNDavyUha is a Southern text, ..). Similar bhakti-like
>  phenomenon can be detected in Jain rituals, texts, especially from the
>  South, 1-5 ceturies AD. Hinduism absorbs
>  these popular longigs and expresses them as Bhagavad Giithaa,
>  Tevaram, Divya prabandham, etc.,
>  I do not think Sufism is the cause of bhakti origins. But,
>  later than 8th or 9th century AD, Sufism could be a factor.
>  Inversely, Sufism could have been influenzed by Muslim
>  contacts with India too. It could be an ubhaya mArga
>  between bhakti and sufi cults.

Friedhelm Hardy in his "viraha bhakti" shows the linkage between Classical
Tamil traditions and the bhakti movements.

S. Palaniappan

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