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It appears one of the founders of Theosophical society
was a racist. Any studies  on Madame Blavatsky,
Theosophical society's Nazi connections?

In the searches, 100s of
postings come up for searches like "Blavatsky racism"
or "Blavatsky Aryan" etc.,

For Blavatsky's dupes, see Smithsonian magazine, May 1995.
Did Mme. Blavatsky know Sanskrit? For how many years
she was in India (Madras)?

Some samples given from Usergroups.

N. Ganesan
Re: Blavatsky - Theosophy - Mankind
Author:    GaiaNM
Date:      1998/11/29
Forums:    alt.metaphysics.lightwork

Sorry, but Blavatsky was not what I consider a terribly enlightened
person....she was very racist and  patriarchal.
Author:    Padraic42
Date:      1998/10/30
Forums:    alt.religion.christian.roman-catholic

 Modern man was a
distant remnant of the original god-like race whose psychic abilities
had atrophied as a result of breeding with biological inferiors
(again, some of these ideas had first been suggested by H.P.
Blavatsky and other Theosophists.)

Lanz differed from List by believing that Judaism and Christianity
had originally been Aryan religions. As God's chosen people Aryans
were the least contaminated race of humanity;
Madame Blavatsky: Ugly Sub-human SLAV
Author:    Patriot88
Forums:    alt.politics.nationalism.white, alt.feedme

  I purposely might add this little tidbit: Madame Blavatsky. She  is
representative among many Asiatic Slavic women. Her round, flat face
her Mongoloid genes and Gook eyeballs. Despite her pompous glamorization
all things truly Aryan, at least her immaterial and non-empirical
too, she was physically repulsive and by no proverbial stretch of the
imagination, not an Aryan, [...]

 She is not White but a product of nature's genetic garbage. She ought
be dug  up and shot!
Author:    Randolph Parrish                                      author
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Date:      1996/08/05
Forums:    alt.messianic

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Dietrich Eckart, one of
the leading Thulists, became a mentor to Hitler, and said that he had
recieved 'word' that one day he would tutor 'a vessel for the
anti-christ' who would lead the Aryans to victory over the Jews. As he
lay dying, he said, 'Follow Hitler! He will dance, but it is I who
have called the tune! I have initiated him inot the Secret Doctrine
(ie, of Madame Blavatsky) opened his centers to vision and given him
the means to communicate with the powers'. (Mein Kampf was later
dedicated by Hitler to Eckart.)
     Dr. Theodore Morell, Hitler's personal physician, used to draw
samples of the Fuhrer's blood for him to stare at and contemplate.
Himmler requied his SS to swear blood oaths, belived in reincarnation
and karma, and designated Wewelsburg castle as a temple for his new SS
order.  He carried with him a noteboodk of verses which he had copied
out from the Bhagavad-Gita and the Vedas. Every July 2 he descended at
midnight into the crypt of Henry I of Saxony to commune with the
spirit of the dead king. He dispatched agents to search throughout the
world for occult relics. (Some of the Indiana Jones' movies reflect

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Date:      1998/07/27

all the German neo-pagans of those decades were intensely anti-Semitic.
were obsessed with race, partly because of their political agenda (which
involved the unification of Germany along ethnic lines), but also
because of
influences such as Darwin and Madame Blavatsky -- the latter of whom
the swastika in her seal for the Theosophical Society.
Email:     sidonian at                                        view
Date:      1997/08/23
Forums:    alt.pagan

In my opinion,the Nazi's and
Mme. Blavatsky were under the asumption that since
the lagnuage of the Vedas (Sanskrit) is related to
the European languages, that they must have been
written by white people who invaded India, conquered
the indiginous darker-skinned people (the Dravidians) and set up a
a caste system that evntually failed thus explaining
why most Indians, even in the upper castes, are not
as fair as Europeans.

I don't think Mme. Blavatsky was overtly racist, but
it seems that her ideas were used by the Nazis to
endorse their racist beliefs. I think that these theories
come from an over-simplification of history. Back in
Blavatsky's day, people of different color were still
considered different "races."
Author:    walter alter                                          author
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Date:      1996/03/24

        Bailey become active in the occult movement in 1915 when she
the Theosophical Society, which was then headquarted in Hollywood,
Her introduction to theosophy was through two English women of the
[aristocratic] social status'' as she, who then introduced her to two
elderly women who had been personal students of Helena Blavatsky. She
rapidly in their ranks and in 1921 married Foster Bailey, who had become
national secretary of Blavatsky's Theosophy Society in 1919, and was
also a
high-ranking Freemason.

        At the end of 1919, Alice Bailey became editor of the
magazine {The Messenger.} The job only lasted until 1920 when her
a faction fight for control of the Theosophy Society at their Chicago
convention.  Both Baileys had argued for a rapid infiltration of
institutions, but failed to win the majority of the Theosophists to

& many. many more on Blavatsky, Nazis, Aryans, Racism etc.,

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