SV: creation of human kind

Chris Beetle bvi at AFN.ORG
Fri Dec 25 17:48:26 UTC 1998

At 06:45 PM 12/24/98 +0200, you wrote:

>There are very good reasons to doubt the existance of God.

Very good? Hmmm...

>A few of them are:

>1) there's no place for him in the universe

Of course, if He is transcendental, He could go undetected.

>2) there's no trace of any divine activity
>3) the world shows it's not the result of an intelligent creator, because
>nature is a mess

If someone made a machine that could grow and reproduce, you would be amazed
by his intelligence.  Thus, logically, when we see the large array of
various species of living forms with these amazing properties, we might
conclude that a greater intelligence produced them.  Certainly the
conclusion that a few fortunate random events produced such works of genius
is logically subject to doubt.  If I randomly change the statements of a
computer program repeated in the course of time, what are the odds I'll get
a better, more ingenious program with additional useful features?  Is it
more likely in the case of the forms of the organisms which are far more
complicated than computer programs?

>4) The suffering in the world shows that there's no benevolent being who has
>any influence

One might ask "Is the suffering the prisoner undergoes in prison proof that
the government is not benevolent?"

Of course, God recommends we leave this world of suffering, and He teaches
how. He also teaches how to become transcendental to the suffering
conditions, while while we are here, and He advises that we not harm His
other creatures.

The disobedient, rascal sons of a responsible father sometimes make a mess
of things until he punishes and corrects them but that is their fault not his.

Were God to force us to behave then He would violate the freedom of choice
He gave us and make us mere automatons.  Then the experience of love of God
would be impossible.  If I force you to love me at gun point, how can that
be real love and how can that be real life?

>5) the concept of God is logically impossible

Logical arguments stem from initial premises or assumptions and perhaps the
ones you choose appear to rule God out, but they are not the only possible
or rational ones.

Just some Christmas thoughts...

Best wishes,

Chris Beetle

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