creation of human kind

Claude Setzer cssetzer at MUM.EDU
Fri Dec 25 06:01:25 UTC 1998

Partha Banarjee said:
>Mathematical reasoning can't "prove" the existence of God. Only
>spirituality and beliefs can.

Do you know what mathematics is????
In fact, mathematics is every bit as much human as "spirituality"
and it would seem to me much more so.

Mathematics can only "prove" human models of nature and are rarely very
For example, Bohr's theory changed the whole scientific description of
but it just barely approaches an accurate description of even the simplest
atom, Hydrogen,
 and is far too complicated to describe anything else in nature.
Yet most of our modern "understanding" of the microscopic world came out of
If we look closely, we might find that "scientists" take just as
many leaps of  faith as those who accept the existence of God, may be a lot

In fact even the concept of "proof" is only human imagination.
 At least "spirituality" has some aspect of divinity to it,
and would be a much more reasonable tool for use of
describing the existence and nature of God. In fact it
very often seems that experience of God is far easier and more practical
experience of certain mathematical proofs.

I don't understand why you think your beliefs should over ride every one

Claude Setzer

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