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Bijoy Misra bmisra at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Thu Dec 24 18:24:48 UTC 1998

To discuss God's existence on the eve of Christams
should have some message on God's behalf.
See below.

On Thu, 24 Dec 1998, Erik Hoogcarspel wrote:

> Dear Ashish
> Op woensdag, 23-dec-98 schreef Ashish Chandra:
> AC> Which science has been able to prove the non-existence of God ? Which
> AC> science has actually been able to define God ? Have you heard of
> AC> Yajnavalkya Smriti ? Yajnavalkya in his dialogue with his wife Maitreyi
> AC> describes Aatman(Brahma(God)) as Net Neti. (Not this, Not this).
> It(God)
> AC> is an experience, not an object of perception that can be known.
> you seem to be a victim of the theosofical fallacy, according to which God
> is a name for "THE universal metaphysical being". I think this is a fallacy
> mainly for two reasons. 1) THE universal metaphysical being doesn't exist,
> because all metaphysics are stories and all are different. (there is no
> universal music either). 2) in order to be a being you have to be spoken
> and written about, that means that you have certain qualities and miss
> others. If you are a person and not a thing you have a unique identity. God
> is the central person of the chrsitian bible. This bible is his passport,
> his identity. God is not Zeus, Wodan or Ziva, and certainly not the
> unpersonal brahman from the unpaniZads, which resembles much more a kind of
> natural substance like energy or electricity.
> There are very good reasons to doubt the existance of God. A few of them
> are:
> 1) there's no place for him in the universe

God is the cause of the universe.

> 2) there's no trace of any divine activity

All activities are divine.

> 3) the world shows it's not the result of an intelligent creator, because
> nature is a mess

The apparent mess is only a perception.

> 4) The suffering in the world shows that there's no benevolent being who has
> any influence

The sufferings are human frailties, stemming from ignorance.

> 5) the concept of God is logically impossible

Logic is mathematically limited.

How about that?  Good to ponder on holidays..

- Bijoy Misra

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