SV: creation of human kind

Paul Kekai Manansala kekai at JPS.NET
Thu Dec 24 19:19:28 UTC 1998

Erik Hoogcarspel wrote:
> There are very good reasons to doubt the existance of God.

You seem to use the term "God" to apply to the Christian concept.

> A few of them
> are:
> 1) there's no place for him in the universe

Why would there need to be a "place for him."

> 2) there's no trace of any divine activity

That's a subjective judgement.  Some people would say that the
complexity of life is not coincidental and is evidence of creative

> 3) the world shows it's not the result of an intelligent creator, because
> nature is a mess

Again, a subjective and somewhat emotional judegement.

> 4) The suffering in the world shows that there's no benevolent being who has
> any influence

Here you have the concept of the benevolent God.  It is one thing to
argue whether God is benevolent or not, another to argue whether God
exists or not.

> 5) the concept of God is logically impossible

Yet, how many famed works of logic actually argue for divine existence?

I think we need to separate the idea of the Christian concept of "God"
with the general idea of "God."  In Hinduism, God cannot control the law
of karma, yet God is still seen as all-powerful.  Even in Abrahamic
religions, you have the idea of a God *incapable* of doing evil.  Yet,
even here God is still seen as "all-powerful."

Paul Kekai Manansala

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