The Aryans (again); 19th century discourse.

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Dec 24 12:22:36 UTC 1998

There was a suggestion  by Morarji Desai to
appoint Rukmani Devi who married Arundale, the famed
dancer, reviver of Bharatha Natyam to be appointed
India's President. Arundale is a Theosophist,
close to Annie Besant, Helena Blavatsky, ..

S. Radhakrishnan, Professor of Philosophy at Oxford
served as President of India earlier to Desai's
recommendation on Rukmani Devi Arundale.

Do these cultural celebrities as Presidents of India
send a signal of cultural superiority in the world?

N. Ganesan

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