The Aryans (again); 19th century discourse.

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<< On a related note, the theosophist Olcott, was still partial to an Indian
 Aryan homeland at the end of the 19th century (most Europeans had
 abandoned such an idea by the middle of the century). >>

The marriage of Rukmini Devi, a Tamil brahmin lady who played a significant
role in the field of bharatanatyam of 20th century, with Arundale of the
Theosophical society was considered somewhat controversial. It would be
interesting to find out if the Aryan theory (equating the Indians and
Europeans as Aryans) was ever used by those defending the marriage against the
orthodox opposing it. If they did, that may be an example of Indians using the
concept of "Aryan", which Edwin is looking for.

S. Palaniappan

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