Madame Blavatsky and the swastika

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at KABELFOON.NL
Wed Dec 23 20:01:36 UTC 1998

Hallo N.

Op woensdag, 23-dec-98 schreef N. Ganesan:

NG> Japanese use it because of Swastika in Buddhism.

NG> The poor Swastika was invented and in use from
NG> the Indus Valley Civilization, (IVC). Most likely scenario:
NG> the dominant people of IVC were Dravidians.
NG> (cf. A. Parpola, Decipherment of the Indus script, Oxford
NG> uinv. press, 1994 and decades of work by I. Mahadevan)

NG> If true, the IVC people have nothing to do with the later
NG> appropriations and usage of their symbol, Swastika by Aryans
NG> either for good or bad.

NG> Regards,
NG> N. Ganesan

NG> <<<<
NG> No they can't. The problem is that most people don't know the origin of
NG> those signs and symbols. I always recall an history some twenty years
NG> ago.
NG> I played Judo in a sports center and the bathrooms were shared by all
NG> sports. One day there were people that practiced Shorinji Kempo, a
NG> Japanese
NG> Martial Art that uses a green swastika as their symbol. My country -
NG> Portugal - had just thrown away a fascist dictatorship a couple of
NG> before. So, a man that practised another sport just starts shouting at
NG> the
NG> Shorinji practitionners because they were carrying a Nazi symbol. How
NG> could
NG> they have the nerve to do it? I remember all too well the surprised and
NG> confusion of the Sensei, and his innability to explain the mistake.

In short: some symbols like the swas are like homonyms, a pity a lot of
stupid people don't realise this. There are people who think that the evil
(or good) is in the form and not in the combination meaning-context. Ever
chased away a vampire with a cross? ;-)


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