SV: creation of human kind

Ashish Chandra achandra at WNMAIL.WNDEV.ATT.COM
Wed Dec 23 21:52:48 UTC 1998

Erik Hoogcarspel:

This is open for discussion. There are quite a few philosophers of science
who think science does disprove the existence of God. Wasn't it Laplace who
said 'I don't need this hypothesis'?
And why do you think Nietzsche declared God dead? I know even theologians
who think the belief in the existence of God is outdated.

Dear Erik,

Which science has been able to prove the non-existence of God ? Which
science has actually been able to define God ? Have you heard of
Yajnavalkya Smriti ? Yajnavalkya in his dialogue with his wife Maitreyi
describes Aatman(Brahma(God)) as Net Neti. (Not this, Not this). It(God) is
an experience, not an object of perception that can be known.


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