creation of human kind

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Wed Dec 23 19:29:29 UTC 1998

N.Ganesan wrote :

Some Hindu sects speak of Creation of Atman:
For example, a Lokayata text in Tamil composed by Kavichakravarti
JayamoNTaar around 1070 AD. The poet had the patronage under Kulottunga I
(whose dad was an Eastern Chalukya of Vengi, AP).
See GOML, Madras edition, 1994.

Dr. Ganesan,

I had also mentioned that one should refer to the Shad-Darshanas(Six Astika
philosophies). Lokayata belongs to the Nastika school of Indian philosophy
and hence rejects the authority of the Vedas. The Lokayata Sutras of
bRhaspati were known to have promoted crass materialism and hence the
Lokayata/Carvaka school has died out in India. This is not to say that
ideas of creation did not exist in India but just that they could not gain

I am not aware of any debates between Adi Sankaracharya and followers of
Lokayata school. Any info anyone ?


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