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 Hinduism (I mean all the religions in Hinduism)
support the belief that there is no creation. There is a
 projection and then there is contraction (destruction) and
this is a never ending process.

Some Hindu sects speak of Creation of Atman:
For example, a Lokayata text in Tamil
composed by Kavichakravarti JayamoNTaar
around 1070 AD. The poet had the patronage
under Kulottunga I (whose dad was an Eastern Chalukya of Vengi, AP).

See GOML, Madras edition, 1994.
Atman (uyir) is a feeling created by proper mix
four bhUtams.
a) Just like adding 1) aatti/taataki flowers,
2) jaggery 3) old rice fermented for a day or so
4) water. Heat the combo, you produce liquor.
(This metaphor comes in Manimekalai too)
b) Just like adding 1) betel leaves, 2) betel nuts
3) lime (chuNNam) 4) saliva. Chew  the tAmbUlam, you produce
 red color.

Not that Lokayata fellows have only four bhUtams,
they do not accept ether as it does not have pratyaksha

This work known as kArAnai vizupparaiyan maDal for ages.
maDal genre occuring in TolkAappiyam, sangam works
describe a guy pining for love, riding a palmyrah horse
drawn by friends, tatooed all over his body publically
pronounces in the village of his love and that he will
die if the girl refuses him. This Tamil concept
of teenage boys' declaration, tamil grammars and
TiruukuRaL saying that 'riding a maDal is only good
for boys, banned for girls is inverted in the
Bhakthi age.

Thirumangai AlvAr wrote two maDals assuming the
persona of a girl riding a palm maDal and
declarating that she will die for Kannan (Krishna)
and Narayanan.

Seeing maDal with tinges of Lokayata, JayamkoNTaar
reverts back to the old theme of maDal of the boys
and uses maDal genre to explain Lokayata philosophy.

This work is unmatched in its beauty.  Only
possible by a Kavichakravarti. All the 550
lines have the same second syllable, "ta" varga
after a long first syllable (etukai/prAsam).
Pretty soon, it will be available in English.

Tattvopaplavasimha of Jayaraasi is a different kind
of text. Too dry in my opinion compared to JayamkoNTaar's

N. Ganesan

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