Indian children born abroad -- RSS and Vivekananda

Partha Banerjee partha at CAPITAL.NET
Tue Dec 22 19:41:15 UTC 1998

I would like to know from Mr. Misra why he thinks this thread is
non-Indologic. Of course, namecalling or racist remarks are not to be
encouraged. But discussions on one of the most important issues of India
today (i.e., the politics of Hindutva and the rise of fascism) - how can
they be irrelevant to Indology?

Why censor this discussion just because it has political connotations?


>This thread on  RSS and counter-RSS has little to do with Indology as
>perceived in this forum.  Any scholarship and debate emanating
>from such groups are necessarily biased.


>Thank you for your non-indulgence..
>Bijoy Misra

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