Indian children born abroad -- RSS and Vivekananda

Partha Banerjee partha at CAPITAL.NET
Tue Dec 22 19:33:24 UTC 1998

>I am not sure about the remark Swami made about Vedanta being meaningless
>without Islam. Could you provide more info. I have access to all the
>Swami's writings through the Vedanta Society of New York. I would like to
>read that letter.


I thought I already said it was in his collection of letters. It is
published in Bengali by the Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of Calcutta. This
particular letter was written by Vivekananda to one Mr. Sarfraz Hossain.

As far as Vivekananda's socialist leanings, I would ask you to read
Bhupendranath Dutta's and Sister Nivedita's writings on SV. They are the
two closest people SV had. Both Bhupendranath and Nivedita wrote in English.

As far as RSS' interpretation of SV (and other distortions of Indian
history and religions), the less we talk, the better.


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