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Mon Dec 21 19:39:55 UTC 1998

Sri Ganesan wrote :
I quoted my bibliographic skills. This was done to show that I have spent
about 20 years of my time in Indological pursuits.  You said it
demomnstrates me not being 'humble' and N. Rajaram and S. Talageri can
write about 'n' books etc., They are welcome to do so.
Both are powerful. They are pushing varNa-enhancing theories to millions of
people in lavish publications. They are welcome to join Indology & discuss
their home-grown pseudo-scientific theories with all of us here.
One historical note: Dr. Subhash Kak used to write here.  People were not
buying his ideas/theories. Soon, he realized his market is elsewhere. Not
seen in Indology for 4+ years.
We welcome any Indigenous Aryan school theorist to join Indology and
discuss their theories scientifically amidst all of us.

What I meant Dr. Ganesan was that it took just such little criticism (not
even) for you to get incited about a small remark (a mistake on my part as
it turned out).
I don't know N.Rajaram and S.Talageri and am not familiar with their works.
My only peeve was that you ascribe some "motive" behind their research
given the fact that both are South Indian Brahmins.

Never heard of Dr. Kak either.

When you term someone else's theory as pseudo-scientific, what exactly is
the scientific standard ? If one is to speak against the AIT, one is bound
to come up against your experience and the "120 years of research in
Europe" that is considered the standard here ? Or is it. Pardon me but I am
presuming that you and the other historians who write and post here have
been traditionally the proponents of AIT. So just as there are holes in
debunking AIT, there are holes in accepting it. Preferring one to the other
does not automatically imply considering one as being "scientific" and the
other as "motivated by rightist movements". Such generalizations are
rampant everywhere and hence, arrogating to oneself the sole title of
"scientific"-method bearers is not correct. Again, I would like to clarify
that I am merely stating this based on my own perceptions of why the
Europeans are intent on pushing the AIT, but am in no way implying everyone
here considers themselves as being scientific and all others as not. This
is absolutely my opinion and it may be wrong. But in the absence of enough
knowledge, I am meanwhile ascribing to the proponents of AIT the same
motives just as the opponents of AIT are ascribed a "rightist Brahminical
motive". I accept that this approach is unscientific but so far, my gut
accepts it. Also, I have far less proof of questioning you all and the AIT,
compared with the proof you have of questioning the (motives of) debunkers
of AIT, given the current political situation in India. But like I had
said, there are gaps everywhere.

I hope to read more of the postings here and learn more about my own
country, culture, peoples, things that a majority of my own countrymen
unaware of.

Thank you for calling me Arya Dr. Ganesan. You are Arya too :).

On a personal note Dr. Ganesan, where are you currently and where do you
work out of ?


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