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Mon Dec 21 19:08:34 UTC 1998

I must apologize to you all, and Sri Ganesan, for having mistaken Georg
Simson's remark "stubborness of clinginging" to AIT, with Sri Ganesan's.
sincerest apologies to him for distracting him from his pursuits to this
unscholarly discussion about who-said-what. I also apologize to others
have had to endure the unhelpful exchange of useless clarifications that
have been flying forth from me in this regard.

  Thank you very much. You are truly noble (Arya in Sanskrit,
  cAnROn in Tamil).

  Just a sample (Sorry, I have to do this because
  what you said earlier in every word about me is quite misleading).

  I quoted my bibliographic skills. This was done to show that
  I have spent about 20 years of my time in Indological pursuits.
  You said it demomnstrates me not being 'humble' and
  N. Rajaram and S. Talageri can write about 'n' books etc.,
  They are welcome to do so.

  Both are powerful. They are pushing varNa-enhancing theories
  to millions of people in lavish publications. They are
  welcome to join Indology & discuss their home-grown
  pseudo-scientific theories with all of us here.

  One historical note: Dr. Subhash Kak used to write here.
  People were not buying his ideas/theories. Soon, he
  realized his market is elsewhere. Not seen in Indology
  for 4+ years.

  We welcome any Indigenous Aryan school theorist
  to join Indology and discuss their theories scientifically
  amidst all of us.

  My best wishes to all your life's pursuits.

  With kind regards,
  N. Ganesan, PhD

  Lead Engineer
  Loads & Dynamics Division,
  Lockheed Martin, Houston
  My NASA-Johnson e-mail: nas_ng at vaxp.jsc.nasa.gov

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