The Aryans (again); 19th century discourse.

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As per Sri Ganesan's request, here is the sloka :

Here is the sloka :

        Tvameva maata cha pitaa tvameva                 O Lord. Thou art my mother and thou art
my father also
        Tvameva bandhuscha sakhaa tvameva |                     thou art my brother and my friend
thou art
        Tvameva vidyaa dravinam tvameva                 Thou art knowledge and wealth unto me
        Tvameva sarvam mama deva deva ||                        thou art my all-in-all, O Lord of Lords

The sloka is in reference to the position of a Guru.

It reads draviNam in Devanagiri ( as in N ). I am also asking if anyone can
point me to a Sanskrit dictionary that mentions Dramida is Tamila in


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Mr. A. Chandra writes:
I had said that I would quota a Sanskrit sloka that had mentioned the
Dravidam as meaning wealth. When I had sent that to you, you wrote back
saying that Dravida was coined by someone named Caldwell who used the
following :

                Tamizh -> Damila -> Dramila -> Dramida.  Robert Caldwell
coined the term,
Dravidian from Dramida which means Tamil in Sanskrit.

I also aked you to give me the name of the Sanskrit dictionary that
mentions Dramida as Tamil.

 Namaskar, Ashish. In the shloka you sent there was
 no word, DramiDa in it.

 There was a word 'dravina'. You said that
 dravina will sound like dravida while reading

 I lost your mail. Can you please post the Sanskrit
 shloka in Indology? Let us all see.

 Sankaracharya mentions Dramida child in Saundaryalahari.
 Traditonally this is taken to refer to Saint Gnanasambandhar,
 because Parvati fed him milk. Zvelebil writes that
 'DramiDa' occurs in Sanskrit there.

 When asked privately about modern Dravidian political
 movement, my reply is to check some good university
 libraries. There are scores of books on them in
 English or Indian languages.

 I did not get any Baltuch mail from you. What date in Indology
 he wrote? Or, is it a private mail to you from Mr. J. Baltuch?
 Can you point out the date or post that mail, please.

 Sorry and excuse me for my inability to summarize
 those books for want of time. My interest is old
 Tamil literature or Tamil books printed pre-1947.

 Namaskar again.

 N. Ganesan

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