Locating the Lotus sutra

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Wed Dec 16 19:15:50 UTC 1998

M.T. Mallmann, Avalokitezvara, 1968
p. 35

"32. - Et ce chef AmitAbha, assis sur un trOne-`a-lions (8),
dans un p'ericarpe de lotus, immacul'e, charmant, resplendit
comme le roi des zAla (9)"

"(9) Dans le ch. XXV, on recontre un Tathaagata appel'e
zAlendrarAja, le roi des chefs zAla. On peut se demander si cette
expression ne pre'serverait pas le souvneir des rois
l'egendaires du Dekhan, les zAlavAhana"

Are Saatavaahanas also known as Saalavaahanas?
Or, is this zAlavaahana different?
Does this point to SaddharmapuNDarika being
a Southern text?

In the Ch. 24 of the Lotus sutra, avalokitezvara's
function is to save people from shipwrecks on the sea
waters. Saatavaahanas issued coins with
big boats (ships?). Are the patrons of SaddharmapuNDarika
the sea-faring people of the Southeast India?

Any results on the place where Lotus sutra got

Thanks for your answers.

N. Ganesan

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