'Siva and Avalokitezvara

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Wed Dec 16 13:16:12 UTC 1998

Dear Sri. N. S. Raja,

I can understand that Narayana of Srirangam
                      ^^^^^^^^    ^^^^^^^^^
has to contest the 'Siva-Avalokita connections :-) :-)

On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, N. Ganesan wrote:

> Both teach
>   grammar to Panini and Agastya.

*This is a really interesting link, one
*that I din't know about.  Thank you.
*Would like to know more...

   Please read M. Deshpande, Who inspired Panini?
   JAOS, 1997.

   Also, I posted 4 long postings (about 35k)
   under the title, Where was Panini inspired? (Part i),
   where i=I,II,III and IV to INDOLOGY. Pl. read them after
   the above paper to know the context.

> Both are drishti gurus.

*Pardon my ignorance, but what's that?
*Is it an astrological term?

  Avalokita means to look down, gaze, see.
  'Siva is called dhrishtiguru. That's the

> Both have siva-sakthi, maNi-padma unions, ....

*Many Tantric deities do.  Why, I myself...
*well, let's stop here.

  But they are later.

  KaaraNDavyUha, in an early occurence
  talks of "Om maNi padme hUm" as the
  Avalokitezvara's mantra. Many other such
  occurences are later.

Best regards,
N. Ganesan

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