'Siva and Avalokitezvara

jonathan silk jonathan.silk at YALE.EDU
Wed Dec 16 04:49:54 UTC 1998

Please notice that things have been written about Avalokitezvara more
recently than the 1930s (or even 60s).  Now of course newer is not always
better, but...

See for example John Brough, "Nugae Indo-Sericae" in Mary Boyce/Ilya
Gershevitch, eds. Henning memorial volume (London, 1970): 83-84, reprinted
in JB's Collected Papers pp. 360-61, in which most careful remarks are made
on the phonology of the names.

[just to contradict myself, see also A von Stael-Holstein, HJAS 1 (1936):
350-62, "Avalokita and Apalokita"]

There is a massive literature on A. in Japanese, much of which is not worth
much from a scholarly point of view of course, but any *serious* study of
A. will have to take into account this work.  (And sorry to say relying on
Shu Hosaka for references to up-to-date Japanese work is not the best

Jonathan SILK

jonathan.silk at yale.edu

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